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             Welcome To Architecture 511 the one stop design resource where you will find  information on architecture, interior design and landscape architecture. Architecture 511 provides you with the latest information on residential, commercial, institutional, industrial architecture and mixed-use firms worldwide. This site allows you to explore the design philosophies of various architecture firms so you can match your aesthetics needs with the right design firm. Our membership includes designers that specialize on modern, traditional, contemporary, iconic and sustainable architecture.


       You can locate an Architect in your area, browse through the Photo gallery, learn about designs, get prepared for that first consultation with an architect .


  A wider definition would include within its scope also the design of the total built environment, from the macrolevel of town planning, urban design, and landscape architecture to the microlevel of creating furniture. Architectural design usually must address both feasibility and cost for the builder, as well as function and aesthetics for the user.




In the field of building architecture, the skills demanded of an architect range from the more complex, such as for a hospital or a stadium, to the apparently simpler, such as planning residential houses. Many architectural works may be seen also as cultural and political symbols, and/or works of art. The role of the architect, though changing, has been central to the successful (and sometimes less than successful) design and implementation of pleasingly built environments in which people live. 


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